Location Spotlight: The Alida, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel - Savannah, Georgia

Location Spotlight: The Alida, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel - Savannah, Georgia

A charming southern escape

Located along downtown Savannah’s riverfront, The Alida, Savannah, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, seamlessly blends modern life with timeless southern charm. As a recipient of the 2021 Travelers' Choice award, The Alida delivers a fantastic experience to its guests. Working with Foda Designs and Carver & Associates, the Bryan Ashley team helped to create a design-driven space that celebrates the spirit of Savannah. From the headboards and nightstands, to the lounge chairs, throw pillows, and vanities, each room at The Alida praises original designs and custom creations; which means no two rooms are exactly alike. The bright guestrooms fuse a color palette of warm and cool tones: crisp and creamy whites, taupe and grey upholsteries, and dark wood accents are layered with hints of turquoise, turmeric, and vermillion to create a casual welcoming environment. Mid-century accents are dotted throughout the space creating an inviting vibe.

Savor Savannah

While staying at The Alida, savor classic regional favorites at Rhett, an on-site quintessential southern restaurant with a dose of nostalgia. Or head to The Alida’s rooftop bar, The Lost Square, for panoramic river views paired with refreshing cocktails and small bites. This summer, The Lost Square is showcasing an outdoor movie series where guests can kick back on the plush seating while sipping on cocktails, snacking on complimentary popcorn, and enjoying the evening breeze; all while watching classic movie favorites.

Offering southern cuisine in a casual yet elegant environment, The Olde Pink House Restaurant & Tavern is a dining experience you won’t want to miss. This 18th-century mansion is actually a red brick building that the original owner had completely covered with white plaster. The red bricks would bleed through the white plaster giving the mansion a shade of pink. Time and time again, white paint was applied and yet the pink would always make its way to the surface. In the 1920s, a woman purchased the home to open a tea room and painted it completely pink to go with the flow. 

Sites of Savannah

When traveling throughout historic Savannah, there are several must-see attractions that need to make it on your bucket list.  At the top of the list, is a 30-acre green space in the heart of town. Forsyth Park is home to one of Savannah’s most photographed sights: the Forsyth Fountain, erected in 1858. A half-shell amphitheater, tennis courts, playgrounds, and a bustling weekly farmers market provide your family plenty of space to play and unwind. Next on the list is City Market which is four blocks of pedestrian-only traffic. With over a dozen shops, several restaurants, live music, and artists selling their hand-made creations, you are sure to find that special something to take home with you to remember Savannah. For those looking for art in the form of luminous stained glass, ornate murals, gilded arches, and Italian marble, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist offers a self-guided tour. Finally, River Street is Savannah’s most iconic cobblestone street and is home to more than 75 galleries, restaurants, pubs, boutique shops, artists’ studios, and quaint inns. While strolling through this two-mile-long historic district with a freshly made praline, you’ll experience first-hand one of the business seaports in America as ships from all over the world sail into this port daily. 

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