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Get Inspired - we make your design a reality
Creating great custom products and customer experiences begins with understanding and caring about people. We do this by focusing on working closely with your team.
Customized process
Creating a simple product may be harder than a complex one. When you can find the root of what someone is looking for in a given setting, it clarifies the problem you’re trying to solve and results in a straightforward solution. In this way, clarity helps us do more, by focusing on the details that really matter to people.
Complimentary quotes & drawings
Free material samples
There are no limitations for your creative mind! Our resources are unlimited. We provide free material samples and can match any color and texture for support, inspiration, and punctual decision-making.
Engineering expertise
In order to serve your individual custom furniture needs, we provide engineering expertise to respond to your requirements and quality standards. At Bryan Ashley, we don't do it the easy way, we do it the right way. We accommodate your individual needs by utilizing resources from our worldwide manufacturing base.
Free model room
It's easy to tell you about our amazing customer service and custom product capability, but we want to take it one step further. We, at Bryan Ashley, know that seeing is believing. We offer free model rooms so that you can see your design in reality and test our quality for yourself.
human needs
But what do people need, and how do you design for it?
People have needs they try to meet in the spaces they occupy. At times, it can be difficult to describe or define what people actually want or need. People are often unsure themselves. But after decades of experience in meeting human needs, our focus has and always will be to enhance spaces for individuals and groups while strengthening human interactions.