Healthy natural color psychology
Research shows that different colors can directly affect moods, feelings, and sensations. Chosen correctly, certain colors can have a therapeutic benefit, promoting calmness and inner balance.
Design can incorporate details to reduce noise pollution and create peaceful environment.
Supporting hotel's fitness concept
We manufacture our furniture to fit a hotel’s mind and body concept. Design can include furniture to house exercise equipment to promote an active lifestyle.
Handy kitchenettes
We understand that nutrition is essential for a healthy mind and body. We’ll provide our millwork expertise to create a kitchen space for guests to keep up with their healthy eating habits, even while they are away from home.
Health friendly materials
The materials used in Bryan Ashley furniture are easy to clean, repair, and replace. We also offer solid surface for antimicrobial requirements.
Ergonomically correct
Another component of wellness is designing guestrooms that have functional office amenities to allow visitors to accomplish their tasks without strain.
Comfortable and ADA compliant
Bryan Ashley furniture is equipped with easy-open mechanisms that incorporate soft-close technology. We also offer height adjustable furnishings to support each individual’s needs allowing guests to have a more enjoyable experience.