Our family

OFS employs approximately 1680 people and is headquartered in Huntingburg, IN, with facilities in Highpoint, NC, Leitchfield, KY, and Deerfield Beach, FL. We operate as three distinct brands: OFS, Carolina, and Bryan Ashley. We also operate Styline Logistics, the largest logistics fleet in the contract furniture industry.

We are dedicated to our mission with a culture that supports our core values of Empathy, Simplicity, Teamwork, Accountability, Appreciation and Stewardship. We’ve shared our purpose and our values which attracted the best and the brightest employees. Our success is guided by a conviction that long term sustainability originates from its people.



Bryan Ashley is proud to partner with MindClick to support healthy living through design.

The MindClick Sustainability Assessment Program (MSAP) was created through the Hospitality Sustainable Purchasing Consortium in collaboration with Marriott International, the US Green Building Council, design firms, purchasing agents, sustainability experts, and 20 global FF&E vendors.

MSAP Measures Environmental and Social Impacts throughout the product life cycle, providing 'good, better, best' ratings using a 200-point scale.

Certifications and eco-labels provide the proof points. MSAP consolidates the results through ratings, making it easy to compare products and to specify and buy better.

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Responsibility Responsibility


At Bryan Ashley, we have maintained an unwavering dedication to advancing environmentally responsible practices throughout our casegood and seating manufacturing process. We firmly believe that being eco-friendly and crafting beautiful, functional, and long-lasting furniture go hand in hand. We take great pride in our ongoing efforts to implement a range of environmentally-friendly manufacturing technologies and innovative plant management procedures.

These initiatives aim to conserve energy and minimize waste at our production facilities. By consistently adopting these measures, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment while maintaining the high standards of our furniture manufacturing.


We take immense pride in our suppliers, partners, and manufacturing facilities, as we uphold them to the highest standards. Through our rigorous vetting process, we ensure that every aspect of our operations contributes positively to communities worldwide.

We associate with supply partners that share our values. We view our supply partners as extensions of our organization and it is important that our visions of sustainable growth are well aligned.

Partnership Partnership


We view community stewardship as both an opportunity and responsibility. We believe deeply in supporting our communities with our time, talents and dollars. We seek partnerships with like-minded suppliers, and advocate for the economic development of our local communities.

Our employees and its founders have given countless charitable contribution dollars and volunteer hours to help support local, regional and global community development. Giving back to the communities that support and have given so much to us creates opportunities for better quality of life, optimism and sense of togetherness. 


We are all part of a culture with a deep respect for the natural world. We understand that our prosperity depends on the health and availability of our resources. Protecting our natural places, facilitating biodiversity, while reducing energy, water and material use are essential factors to our continuous growth and sustainability.

OFS began a partnership with One Tree Planted in January of 2020 in an effort to help reforest areas throughout the world. This partnership allows us to scale and have much more impact than we could create on our own. As of April 2023, we have planted more than 200,000 trees across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In June of 2023, we participated in the Mangrove Restoration project. This project will enhance a weakened ecosystem by planting one mile of mangroves within the Mosquito Lagoon Aquatic Preserve in east central Florida.

One Tree Planted gives us the opportunity to utilize their existing network of tree planting organizations and access to projects across the globe. It also allows us to plant enough trees to offset all of our Scope 1 and Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas emissions. These are emissions from all of our building electricity and natural gas usage as well as Styline transportation fuel usage and all OFS company owned vehicles.