Bryan Ashley at HD Expo + Conference 2024

Bryan Ashley at HD Expo + Conference 2024

by Brooke Lueken

Take a look at our booth from HD Expo 2024 and discover the Bryan Ashley experience firsthand. At the 2024 show, our hospitality spaces featured a lively yet refined design, tailored furniture pieces, and bold energy to inspire your hospitality design.

From guestrooms to suites to public spaces, we curated a vibrant and playful design experience inspired by post-modern architecture, Memphis-style design, and Bauhaus art. Featuring geometric shapes, bold colors, and organic patterns, our booth challenged traditional design norms with a cheeky, eclectic flair and highlighted our custom furniture capabilities in a dynamic setting.


Our booth was designed by our talented in-house interior designer, Chelsie Fritz, and showcased Bryan Ashley’s custom furniture capabilities. We caught up with Chelsie where she shared her inspiration and vision for the space.

This year's booth was a bit of a departure from our previous shows. It was an eclectic mix of styles inspired by post-modern architecture, art nouveau, and Andy Warhol's art. I strived to combine a playful blend of incongruous colors and patterns.
- Chelsie Fritz, Bryan Ashley + OFS Interior Designer

We strive to help create hospitality spaces that arouse the senses and cause people to feel surprise, delight, and comfort all at the same time. When designing for hospitality, it is important to create a sense of place that not only looks welcoming but makes guests feel inspired. Together, we can create spaces with those inspiring moments that lure guests to stay and bring them back for more.