Bryan Ashley Wins Best Large Booth at HD Expo + Conference 2023

Bryan Ashley Wins Best Large Booth at HD Expo + Conference 2023

by Brooke Lueken

Bryan Ashley, an OFS company, attended HD Expo 2023 and won Best Large Booth! The hospitality spaces in our booth feature a tasteful, refined design and tailored furniture pieces that create a grand experience to inspire hotel design.

From guestrooms to public spaces, we curated a sumptuous design experience to epitomize the glamour, charisma, and luxury of a refined hospitality experience. With an overall sense of calm and serenity. step into our booth to find a color tone and palette inspired by mid-late 20th-century photography of lavish and elegant lifestyles. 

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Our award-winning booth was designed by our talented in-house interior designer, Chelsie Fritz, showcasing Bryan Ashley’s custom furniture capabilities. We caught up with Chelsie where she shared her inspiration, process, and vision for this year’s booth.

Inspiration for the booth was ruminating in my head on the plane ride home from last year’s show. I started thinking of Slim Aarons and his photography. How I’d like to step right into one of his photographs, grab a cocktail, and sit by the pool. I started sketching on the plane and by the time we landed, I had rough designs of furniture and the booth layout. I could envision it clearly as I imagined stepping into the booth and feeling his photography wash over me.
- Chelsie Fritz, Bryan Ashley + OFS Interior Designer

We strive to help create hospitality spaces that arouse the senses and cause people to feel surprise, delight, and comfort all at the same time. When designing for hospitality, it is important to create a sense of place that not only looks welcoming but makes guests feel inspired. Together, we can create spaces with those inspiring moments that lure guests to stay and bring them back for more.