Bryan Ashley at 2022 BDNY

Bryan Ashley at 2022 BDNY

Bryan Ashley, an OFS company, attended BDNY 2022 with a design that invigorated the senses of everyone who entered. Our booth emulated a stimulating guest experience and put many custom products on display, including a headboard, nightstands, desk, vanity, and a variety of soft seating solutions.

At BDNY 2022, we created a booth where visitors could fully experience the design with all of their senses through textured materials, warm scents, moody music, and bold patterns. Our booth zones brought hotel design inspiration to life with one even being influenced by the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel. 

From guestrooms to public spaces, Bryan Ashley provides the highest quality furniture for the ultimate guest experience. Combining victorian, art deco, and luxury styles, we curated an eclectic design experience in our BDNY booth that will inspire and invigorate your senses.


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